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Inspiration: The Perfect Guest Room

28 Jan Silk Canopy Bed with Side Table

I am always trying to get my friends to visit me in Los Angeles. I usually try to bribe them with promises of long brunches and shopping excursions, but nothing is as enticing as  warm and welcoming guest accommodations. Here are a few tips to make sure that their stay with you is more appealing than a trip to the closest Ritz Carlton.

A good host makes entertaining seem effortless. The more you plan ahead, the easier it will be. If your guests have special interests, do some research and make arrangements for them or leave books or other reading materials that pertain to that subject in their room. Keep fresh cut flowers out and place a carafe for water near the bed. I always like to keep bath robes nearby to ensure ultimate comfort when walking to and from the powder room.

The best little extra? Add a disposable camera for an element of surprise!



The Breakfast Bench: Get The Look

25 Jan Breakfast Bench with Mahogany Table and Slipcovered Chair

I feel as though the benefit of having a couch in your kitchen is often underestimated. Despite it being one of the smaller rooms in most homes, it is one of, if not the most popular room. People always love to congregate there, so why not make it conveniently comfortable?

Below are some stylish ways to welcome your guests. Enjoy!

Small Space Seduction

21 Jan Multicolored Floral Arrangement with Table and Pink Stools

People have the common misconception that if you have a small space, you have to have small furniture. It’s quite the contrary actually. Having a small space often calls for larger simple furniture or accessories in place of a higher quantity of small pieces, causing your space to look cluttered. Using light colors and colors of the same family create a sense of openness and unity.  Having glass pieces or other translucent material in the room creates space by tricking the eye into seeing more.

I suggest using open ended furniture like benches, ottomans and armless chairs with neutral textured prints like Burlap in place of bold patterned fabrics. Using these tips in your compact space can help with feeling less cramped and feeling more comfortable and confidant.

The ultimate to do in any size room? Sexy and dramatic lighting is a must!


Inspiration: The Dinner Party

20 Jan Black Tie

As the holidays have ended, there seems to be a lull in the party world. Today’s post is meant  to encourage you to gather together with loved ones, enjoy good food and warm conversation. There is really no better way than the beloved dinner party.

The party process not only includes invitations, menu selection, entertainment, and hopefully the signature cocktail, but a well executed set up is imperative. In the dinner party world it doesn’t just come down to the menu, it’s all about the table decor.  Creating a space where people can come together and comfortably enjoy the food and company while simultaneously arousing their senses is the true task at hand.

Below are a few inspirational ideas along with custom made dining tables and chairs designed by  22BondSt.  to accommodate your friends. Undoubtedly  keeping the liable wine spilling guest in mind.


Get The Look: Mirror Madness

17 Jan Gold Mirrors with White Bedding

Mirrors can be art or they can be something that we choose to avoid. On a good day they capture us in a positive light and reflect forward movements in life, something worthy of imitation. On a bad day? Well, let us just pretend there’s no such thing. For now let us appreciate their decorative beauty and aesthetic contribution to any room, making it instantly glamorous and sexy.

Here are a few ways to “Get the Look…”

Hidden Treasure: Accessories

12 Jan Hermes Blue & Green

One of my favorite things to do lately is to incorporate new accessories. It is a relatively easy way to immediately gratify yourself with a change of environment. It is also an excellent way of making a space yours. Gathering pieces that speak to you is an undeniable form of self expression.

Below is a collection of some hidden treasures for the home and one of a kind pillows made from Hermes Scarves. Each one is hand spun and stitched. They are  colored with vegetable dye and applied one at a time allowing one month to dry before another application is added.

My personal favorite?  The Zodiac Scarf Pillow is to die for! Enjoy…

Get the Look: Faux Fur & Pillows

10 Jan Faux Fur Throw

Be influenced by actual spaces. From Faux Fur Throws and Pillows to Dome Chairs and Hoofed Ottomans. Four ways to “Get the Look” at 22 Bond St.