Inspiration: The Dinner Party

20 Jan

As the holidays have ended, there seems to be a lull in the party world. Today’s post is meant  to encourage you to gather together with loved ones, enjoy good food and warm conversation. There is really no better way than the beloved dinner party.

The party process not only includes invitations, menu selection, entertainment, and hopefully the signature cocktail, but a well executed set up is imperative. In the dinner party world it doesn’t just come down to the menu, it’s all about the table decor.  Creating a space where people can come together and comfortably enjoy the food and company while simultaneously arousing their senses is the true task at hand.

Below are a few inspirational ideas along with custom made dining tables and chairs designed by  22BondSt.  to accommodate your friends. Undoubtedly  keeping the liable wine spilling guest in mind.



One Response to “Inspiration: The Dinner Party”

  1. Krystal Thomson January 25, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    As a casual dinner party holder, I have been noticing that my kitchen and living space just isnt enough room to hold all of my company. I do have a breakfast nook, which holds a table that I rarely use. Would you suggest putting a bar in there, instead of having it in my living room? If so, do you have any looks or styles to go with a modern home, to decorate around the nook, with a bar placed in this space. Do you have any basic bars that you carry in your show room?

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