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True Love: The Library

29 Feb Codrington Library

In my opinion the Library is the most captivating room in any living space. There is something undeniably romantic about a place filled with knowledge and history. Libraries are full of unique and quirky artifacts that intrigue and inspire. I am always impressed to see a well established area to meet and read or to have that evening cocktail while you unwind after a solid day’s work. At 22BondSt. we thrive on keeping a variety of pieces to help you create your ideal space.

Whether its a dramatic study or a secret hiding spot from the outside world, we have your decorative needs covered.


California Chic: Inspiration

23 Feb Exterior Modern Home with Palm Trees

California is known for its diverse climate and earthy modern style. The decor is effortless, the way of life is comfortably chic and the weather is unbeatable. There’s something very easy going about the golden state.

Below are some custom pieces by 22 Bond St and collected photos meant to inspire and invoke the feeling of California summer  all year long!

Saint Valentine

14 Feb Red Rose Table Setting with Fireplace

The origins of Valentine’s Day are very obscure. There are stories of Saint Valentine being imprisoned for marrying lovers who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius of Rome, making it a worthy day of celebration. On the contrary there are notes of Valentine’s Day being created in an attempt to replace the Februa cleansing ritual that gave the month its name.  Whatever story you choose to believe, may today be full of either appreciating your loved ones (which you should do all year) or may it be the start to a cleaner more purified you.

Happy Valentines Day!

Red Rose Table Setting with Fireplace

Obsession: Pillows

13 Feb Orange and Blue Magician Hermes Pillow

Our collection of vintage scarves turned ultimate comfort accessory has created such an incredible buzz, capturing our clients and staff in a whirlwind of gorgeous chaos.  It isn’t just an amazing way to display scarves as functional art, it is a way to relax in complete luxury.

We have added a few more to the mix. Enjoy!

The Foyer: Get The Look

1 Feb Large Oak Table with Beige Urns

The foyer, corridor, entryway, anteroom, gallery, portal, waiting room, whatever you choose to call it, is the first impression of your interior space. The mood that you wish to convey starts there.

I have recently been obsessing over the initial entry into my home. I’m always trying to create the  picture of complete invitation and comfort. There’s really nothing better than the feeling of coming home.

Below are some ideas to help create the balance between presence and functionality behind your front door!