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Spring Brights and Whites: Get The Look

21 Mar White Room with Pink Chairs and Wooden Table

White is one extraordinary color (or lack of color rather). It is incredibly versatile and has the ability to immediately brighten and purify any room. When paired together, white  makes any color instantly more vibrant.

Now that spring is around the corner, what better way to reawaken after a long, cold and barren winter than with the fun and inviting energy of  white and bright colors.

Below are inspirational photos followed by actual pieces available at 22 Bond St.  Please enjoy!


Wallpaper: Inspiration

14 Mar Multicolored Wallpaper with Mirrored Vanity

Wallpaper isn’t just a way of creating a scenic entryway, a textured living area, or an elegantly defined bedroom. It is a way to demonstrate art and personality in any space. It seemed like wallpaper vanished for a while, but luckily (and beautifully) it came back! Below are examples of exquisite spaces that have been detailed with wallpaper. Enjoy!

Featuring Schumacher & Co. 

French Molding: Get The Look

8 Mar Blue Walls with White French Moulding

Molding is the eye candy of the home. It is the charm that lies within the architectural details. I am fascinated by the incredibly elaborate Molding that lives in older spaces. Why has the blandness of modern decor taken over in the last few decades?

Since Molding’s disappearance, I feel as though getting the specifics that I want are either too difficult to find or too expensive. Recently my superior shared with me her take on the traditional application of detail to her home, painting faux French Molding. Genius.

Below are some photos of her space along with other inspirational pieces meant to spark up new ways to beautify the home. Enjoy!