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St. Tropez: Get the Look

30 Apr Vintage Boat Photo

The feeling that a summer in St. Tropez invokes is one of luxury and wealth in the most effortless manner. At 22 Bond St we bring that lifestyle into your home while making it substantially practical and stylish.

Choosing to invest in the bones of your home decor (the sofa, tables, bookshelves, etc) with solid woods or metals and durable fabric, provides the structural integrity  that allows freedom to accessorize however you wish.

Our inspiration? A visit to the French Riviera.


Inspiration: Spring

2 Apr White Living Room with Black Square Coffee Table

Spring is in full swing and the inclination to perfect my space for the arrival of guests and warm weather has taken over. Lately I have been inspired by trying to create the absolute combination of my likes by mixing different style ideas and furniture pieces together.

Below are a few new arrivals  at 22 Bond St and detailed pieces that I am adoring at the moment. Enjoy!