30 Jul

22 BOND ST’s  Pillow Blowout Sale! 

When you walk into your home does the furniture seem lonely? Do you wish there was something that could spice up that sofa or chair?

Well look no further, because at 22 Bond St. we have the solution…A PILLOW BLOWOUT SALE. 

Never again will your sofa seem amiss or desolate with our decorative pillows.

So choose from this vast selection of pillows, all of which are under $100!!!

– We have pillows starting at $39:
Coral Pillows,  Red & Blue Stripes,  Silk Pink & Brown Stripes

– We have Decorative Pillows at $49:
Silk Pink & Seafoam Green Stripes,  Blue & Cream Damask, Straw Beige & Tan Stripes

– Comfort Pillows at $69:
Burlap Red & Chocolate Brown Stripes

– Indoor & Outdoor Pillows at $95:
Large Stripes Sunbrella Baby Blue & Cream, Large Stripes  Sunbrella  Beige & Cream Stripes, Lavender Velvet, Vintage Burlap Sacks

Visit us online or bring your exuberant energy into the showroom located at,

126 N La Brea Ave, in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. 90036


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