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22 Bond St’s Nursery Design

26 Oct

22 Bond St. Nursery design is by far one of our most favorite projects! We believe in a non conventional combination of fabrics, textures and woods while bringing sophistication to fun and baby’s first environment. Who said nurseries cannot be sexy?


ChoSun Palace, Seoul

19 Oct

One of the most remarkable things about Seoul, Korea is that it is one of the fastest, yet one of the most well developed cities in the world. It is an incredible dichotomy to experience where ancient meets modern, East meets West. In the midst of high-rises, there are fascinating, beautiful architecture from its ancient past dwelling side by side like kindred spirits. These photos show parts of the Royal Palace of the great ChoSun Dynasty, from thousands of years ago (not just hundreds). The palace is so well preserved that all the details, carvings and hand applied color are so vibrantly present. Truly spectacular experience to witness this marvelous ancient architecture & design.

“Home Sexy Home” Tip of the Day

17 Oct

22 Bond St’s “Home sexy Home” tip of the day: Dare to be bold and experiment with monochromatic shades.  Not everything has to match or be splashed with color on color…and it shall be stunning!

Rockstar Dome Bed

17 Oct

22 Bond St.’s famous Dome Bed in industrial crushed velvet (kid, pet & party friendly) with extra long black & silver FAUX chinchilla fur throw. Now that is what I call SEXY!

Beauty of Morocco

17 Oct

14 Years ago, I begun my design endeavors, importing exquisite treasures from Morocco, the land of harsh conditions, mysterious legends and extreme beauty. I found this gorgeous Hand Chiseled Brass Door with giant hand carved stone arch, at my last trip to Marrakech. This kind of project takes a couple of crfatsmen a year to complete. simply an exquisite work of art!

Spicing Up the Breakfast Room

17 Oct

22 Bond St. transformed this breakfast room into super SEXY!

The Holidays Are Here

17 Oct

The holidays are right around the corner, it is my favorite time of the year. I am asked often how to create that sexy 22 Bond St. holiday look. To be sexy, bold and beautiful you should introduce silver and gold accessories and patterns to your holiday decor.