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The Holidays Are Here

17 Oct

The holidays are right around the corner, it is my favorite time of the year. I am asked often how to create that sexy 22 Bond St. holiday look. To be sexy, bold and beautiful you should introduce silver and gold accessories and patterns to your holiday decor.


The Nursery: Inspiration

6 Jun Child's Room with Scenic Wallpaper

It is the place where your young impressionable minds will sleep, where they will play, and where they will be free to find adventure. Where they will learn and where they will know contentment. The Nursery is one incredible vessel. As a parent/designer/ home dweller, you have the power to create one vastly intriguing room for the little one that is lucky enough to nest there.

Here are a few tips for creating a brilliant nursery:

  • Not everything has to (or should) match.
  • Just because it’s a baby’s room does not mean that you have to use baby furniture.
  • The crib must be dressed to perfection (sheets, pillows, bumpers), making it the focal point of the room.
  • Anchor energy with few, large, solid pieces (think changing table, bookcase, or toy trunk).

With bright and positive space, your child will have all of the makings to be the next Einstein.

Boutique Hotel: Get the Look

17 May Traditional Chesterfield

What is it that makes a Boutique hotel so luxurious? Is it because it has all of the amenities of a large resort but provides the same personal attention as staying with a well etiquette versed host?  The concept of a boutique hotel is a fairly new one that surfaced in English and American culture about 30 years ago, after the need for a more exclusively intimate staying experience became a want. We’ve been saying “thank you” ever since.

At 22 Bond St. we love the idea of nesting in a place that feels sexy, posh, impressive, and restful to you and your guests. Below are images of pieces meant to display a look of comfort and influence along with ways to “Get the Look”.

St. Tropez: Get the Look

30 Apr Vintage Boat Photo

The feeling that a summer in St. Tropez invokes is one of luxury and wealth in the most effortless manner. At 22 Bond St we bring that lifestyle into your home while making it substantially practical and stylish.

Choosing to invest in the bones of your home decor (the sofa, tables, bookshelves, etc) with solid woods or metals and durable fabric, provides the structural integrity  that allows freedom to accessorize however you wish.

Our inspiration? A visit to the French Riviera.

Inspiration: Spring

2 Apr White Living Room with Black Square Coffee Table

Spring is in full swing and the inclination to perfect my space for the arrival of guests and warm weather has taken over. Lately I have been inspired by trying to create the absolute combination of my likes by mixing different style ideas and furniture pieces together.

Below are a few new arrivals  at 22 Bond St and detailed pieces that I am adoring at the moment. Enjoy!


Spring Brights and Whites: Get The Look

21 Mar White Room with Pink Chairs and Wooden Table

White is one extraordinary color (or lack of color rather). It is incredibly versatile and has the ability to immediately brighten and purify any room. When paired together, white  makes any color instantly more vibrant.

Now that spring is around the corner, what better way to reawaken after a long, cold and barren winter than with the fun and inviting energy of  white and bright colors.

Below are inspirational photos followed by actual pieces available at 22 Bond St.  Please enjoy!

Wallpaper: Inspiration

14 Mar Multicolored Wallpaper with Mirrored Vanity

Wallpaper isn’t just a way of creating a scenic entryway, a textured living area, or an elegantly defined bedroom. It is a way to demonstrate art and personality in any space. It seemed like wallpaper vanished for a while, but luckily (and beautifully) it came back! Below are examples of exquisite spaces that have been detailed with wallpaper. Enjoy!

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