Beauty of Morocco

17 Oct

14 Years ago, I begun my design endeavors, importing exquisite treasures from Morocco, the land of harsh conditions, mysterious legends and extreme beauty. I found this gorgeous Hand Chiseled Brass Door with giant hand carved stone arch, at my last trip to Marrakech. This kind of project takes a couple of crfatsmen a year to complete. simply an exquisite work of art!


Spicing Up the Breakfast Room

17 Oct

22 Bond St. transformed this breakfast room into super SEXY!

The Holidays Are Here

17 Oct

The holidays are right around the corner, it is my favorite time of the year. I am asked often how to create that sexy 22 Bond St. holiday look. To be sexy, bold and beautiful you should introduce silver and gold accessories and patterns to your holiday decor.


30 Jul

22 BOND ST’s  Pillow Blowout Sale! 

When you walk into your home does the furniture seem lonely? Do you wish there was something that could spice up that sofa or chair?

Well look no further, because at 22 Bond St. we have the solution…A PILLOW BLOWOUT SALE. 

Never again will your sofa seem amiss or desolate with our decorative pillows.

So choose from this vast selection of pillows, all of which are under $100!!!

– We have pillows starting at $39:
Coral Pillows,  Red & Blue Stripes,  Silk Pink & Brown Stripes

– We have Decorative Pillows at $49:
Silk Pink & Seafoam Green Stripes,  Blue & Cream Damask, Straw Beige & Tan Stripes

– Comfort Pillows at $69:
Burlap Red & Chocolate Brown Stripes

– Indoor & Outdoor Pillows at $95:
Large Stripes Sunbrella Baby Blue & Cream, Large Stripes  Sunbrella  Beige & Cream Stripes, Lavender Velvet, Vintage Burlap Sacks

Visit us online or bring your exuberant energy into the showroom located at,

126 N La Brea Ave, in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. 90036


20 Jul

22 Bond St. has always been the showroom to stop at for great quality furniture at ridiculous prices, and turn over being only 7-14 business days. However, there are 3 new reasons to stop in.

Tav, Pat and Enoch are the newest additions to the 22 Bond St. family.


Our new most seasoned member of the sales team.
He has over 20 years of furniture and design
experience, and exudes a persona of fun and sophistication.

His dream is to one day be a chef and make delectable cuisines.






Our sweet new Executive Manager.
She is a fun-loving person, with a
whole lot of personality.

Her dream is to one day take cooking
classes in different countries around
the world.







Our youngest addition to the team.

He is energetic and quite the character.

Enoch’s dream is to one day be on a television show.






Each new member is dedicated to bringing a new level of energy and fun. They are thrilled at joining the 22 Bond St family.


14 Jun Raymond Sofa


Choose from our vast selection of

      SOFAS starting at $995,

      ARM CHAIRS starting at $895,

      DINING CHAIRS starting at $295,

      BEDS staring at $1,399.

Visit us online or bring your vibrant energy into the showroom located at

126 N La Brea Ave, in beautiful Los Angeles California.

St. Tropez. St Barts. Bringing lifestyle into your home!

The Nursery: Inspiration

6 Jun Child's Room with Scenic Wallpaper

It is the place where your young impressionable minds will sleep, where they will play, and where they will be free to find adventure. Where they will learn and where they will know contentment. The Nursery is one incredible vessel. As a parent/designer/ home dweller, you have the power to create one vastly intriguing room for the little one that is lucky enough to nest there.

Here are a few tips for creating a brilliant nursery:

  • Not everything has to (or should) match.
  • Just because it’s a baby’s room does not mean that you have to use baby furniture.
  • The crib must be dressed to perfection (sheets, pillows, bumpers), making it the focal point of the room.
  • Anchor energy with few, large, solid pieces (think changing table, bookcase, or toy trunk).

With bright and positive space, your child will have all of the makings to be the next Einstein.